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Shirts for muscular guys

I guess there is only one reason you have found this post… You also struggle with the unrecognised but major issue all muscular guys struggle with.

There are NO shirts for muscular guys.

For years now well built athletes have struggled with finding well fitting clothes, and especially shirts. Todays markets do not focus on this issue many muscular guys have when it comes to clothing. There are only a limited number of options athletic guys have these days, which I have discussed below.

Hiring a tailor

Making use of a good tailor can be one of the best experiences in life, having clothes that fit you perfectly is second to none. All you have to do is buy a nice shirt that fits you reasonably well and then take it to your tailor to make the necessary adjustments. However, there is only so much a tailor can do and at a certain price. When you are always changing your athletic physique through various training methods you may start to question whether it is worth spending a lot of time and money getting your clothes tailored to you, when in a few months you will be a lot bigger or smaller than you were.

Accepting the harsh reality

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Some guys will give up hope after spending countless hours searching through every store in the mall looking for something, anything that is half decent. If you are on the larger side of an athletic physique you will struggle the most. This usually results to over baggy clothing that do not give off the best look! Trying to find clothes that will fit your broad chest, shoulders and back whilst tapering down to your waist can be a nightmare, which is the reason many bodybuilders accept it and buy the standard off the rack shirt or suit.

Finding a Needle in the Haystack

shirts for muscular guys, athletic fit shirts, muscle fit shirtsThere may be that very, very rare moment when you find a half decent shirt that fits your muscular physique. There are now some established clothing lines that are starting to introduce more of an athletic fit, especially focusing on shirts for muscular guys. However, every physique is different so one clothing brand that works for you may not work for someone else. When you do find that brand that works for you, make sure you do hold onto it for a very long time!

Some brands that work well for athletic physiques include;

Tailored Athlete – A very exciting new brand! Shirts designed by athletes for athletes!

Barbell Apparel – Especially for jeans! They are awesome!

Athletic Clothing – The New Era

Recently, more and more athletic guys have this major issue with clothing, which clothing brands have started to recognise. You may see major brands such as Ralph Lauren are starting to bring out slightly more athletic fit shirts for example. There have also been some very exciting new brands appearing that solely focus on the athletic physique, check out this gem here.  At the end of the day, when training for aesthetics you obviously want to look good at the beach as well as with clothes on, right?

shirts for muscular guys, athletic fit shirts

So what is your best bet finding shirts for muscular guys? You can either get your shirts tailored (expensive and time consuming) or you could look into the new brands appearing that are solely focusing on the athletic physique. If you are patient, these new brands may really pay off!