Our Story

Tailored Athlete was created out of the frustration of finding very limited clothes that would fit the athletic physique. Wearing shirts that would fit your chest but billow out like a tent around your waist is now a thing of the past.


What we’ve done

Tailored Athlete have taken the standard off the rack shirt and put it on its head. We started off by gathering body measurements from over 100 athletes which allowed us to redefine the fit of a standard shirt. From this we developed our own sizing chart that caters for athletes who have a 10″ drop between their chest and waist. Not only did we want to impress athletes with the fit of our clothing, but we also wanted to surpass their expectations regarding functionality. Our formal shirts are made out of performance fabric that provides users with moisture wicking, quick drying, breathable and easy care features whilst also being so comfortable you won’t even realise you are wearing a shirt!


Our Vision

Tailored Athlete isn’t just any old clothing line, we are solving a problem many athletes face. Our first collection is the first of many athletic orientated lines that is only going to get better. With constant improvements in our performance fabrics we are set to provide many different clothing items in the upcoming year. We believe an athletic physique should not prevent anyone from dressing well.