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Below I have outlined the Do's and Don'ts when joining the Tailored Athlete team. 


  1. You agree to always display Tailored Athlete in a positive light
  2. Do tag us (@tailoredathlete) in any pictures you post of yourself repping the brand, we will like, comment and even re-post your pic :)
  3. Have fun wearing Tailored Athlete and looking fire whilst doing so!


  1. Don't say / express or have 'Tailored Athlete ambassador' or anything along those line in your social media bio and online presence. If all goes well we will discuss this when looking into paid sponsorships with you
  2. Don't take poor photo's of any Tailored Athlete product, ensure they are the best quality you can do
  3. Don't rep any of Tailored Athlete's product in a negative way

Now thats all clear we're good to go! You can now pick your favourite shirts using the button below. 


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